Red Roses Mean Love

Red Roses Mean Love - Jacquie D'Alessandro The heroine was AWESOME! But...the hero kinda fell short near the ending...
This book was full of funny dialogues and moments, and the kids were adorable!
But the climax point...didn't like it; plus the hero said exactly what I didn't want him to say, his character needed more growth....yes, he mended his ways, still....I couldn't like him in the end..(that's the reason for the 2 stars) [Up until that part, he was a very likable character, and I appreciated his understanding of right and wrong(even though he ended up doing the wrong thing and hurting others all the time! ;) ]
But as a sweet, fluffy read, with a caring, strong-willed, great heroine who can speak her mind without being was worth a try. (Only because of such a unique heroine & the hilariously comical parts, I think I'm gonna try other books by this author. :D )