The Duchess War (The Brothers Sinister)

The Duchess War - Courtney Milan Read this in one sitting.
This felt like an even more beautiful book than the second one(which I read first). Courtney Milan is surprising me more and more with her heart-stoppingly-awesome-writings.

The heroine was wittier than most(maybe all :D) heroines I've ever found in literature. The main male protagonist was sweeter and simpler than any man I've ever read about. Their story was a real treat.
True, it couldn't match the second book in the series humor-wise, or plot-wise, but something about "The Duchess War" was just...unique. I can't remember the last time I've felt so happy after finishing a book...Well, like all other "Brothers Sinister" books I've read, I wished this one didn't end, or was a bit longer... but, the epilogue was perfect.

I'm determined to read all the books by this author more than ever.
I won't be surprised if one day she delivers us an epic novel from a genre other than historical romance; I hope she does, I really do. Her writing reminds me of my favourite authors, and someday, I believe, one of her books will surely make her one of my treasured authors... :D

Actually, I forgot to mention what makes her books so great. The way she writes, makes me feel the characters; they become dear to me without my knowledge or will, even the evil ones...I grow to understand why the characters do what they do,.... and that's no little thing.

I thought the reader in me had died long ago. This series has proved my worst fears wrong. The reader has awoken again.