Unveiled (Hqn)

Unveiled - Courtney Milan I've already fallen in love with the first book in the Turner series, and I'm not even halfway through!
Why, oh why, didn't I read it sooner? Why did I get such a wrong impression from the second book?

Mark Turner is definitely more interesting in this book than in his own book(the second one: "Unclaimed")...HOW?

A little bit of spoiler....Ash never suspecting that Margaret could actually bring him down to his knees... the Bam and the Whap.... :D :D :D Ash is literally crumpled on the floor....Oh, how I admire Margaret, and how I love Mark for confounding/tricking PLUS teasing his brother this way! I am grinning right now because of that, and I need to get back to that situation, as I'm currently reading this book and am only on page 85... ^__^

After finishing the whole book, my initial love has faded... Nope, I'm still too much taken with the Brothers Sinister series, no other historical romances can match their stories, apparently.
Sigh. 2.75 stars. If I were to give a different rating to it, I would be lying. We can't help liking or less liking something, can we?
The way the conflicts were solved near the end, they were ok-ish, but nothing quite surprising as Courtney Milan delivered in her other books.
There is one character who I wanted to like so much, but he couldn't be fully redeemed: Richard. Well, I can hope he will change gradually...

Having read Ash's and Mark's stories, I'm afraid to expect more for Smite.... It's the last chance. I want to like Smite's story, I really do.

Don't get me wrong, I do adore the bond among the Turner brothers, it's just...with Unclaimed and Unveiled, what happened is this---I feel elated at the start, feel good throughout the second part of the journey, then the third portion tends to drag on, and the end comes a bit late, even though the end leaves no loose ties. I just can't connect with the romance as the story comes to the third part, they feel a bit too good and hastened to be real.
I connected with the romance initially, but then, after a point, I couldn't connect anymore. It was just too easy. Especially after both Smite and Mark found out... And the way Ash acted after finding out.

I'm sure there will be other readers who can connect with the romance till the end of the journey, but I couldn't be one of them(I tried.)
For what it's worth, I liked Ash a lot for his bond with his brothers.

Now, the only hope left is the last brother, Smite's story and the novellas. I have to reign in my expectations and see what happens.