The Pursuit of Marriage

The Pursuit of Marriage - Victoria Alexander Giving it 2, actually, 1.5 stars...What saved it from being rated 1 star... was its neatly wrapped up ending..

It had a promising start....somewhat. But then the story dragged on after 60% of the plot...I mean, I've read better romance and believable stories in 150 or 400 pages...This one could easily be finished in 150 pages... Found nothing very intriguing about either the hero or the heroine...

I'm glad it's finished. Felt excited at first...felt bored to the point of infinity during the middle; and felt relieved near the end...

I expected much, much better from the author who wrote "Love with the Proper Husband"... I'm disappointed.

The story had a few good moments, comical, then whole-body-shivering moments, but they couldn't make up for what I didn't like about the story or the characters.... Which is, they didn't...charm me enough.

Maybe my mood didn't suit with the story... There are others out there who have liked this book a lot, so don't pay heed to my words, go read this book and find out for yourselves whether this story is for you.