Arsen - Mia Asher This book was emotionally haunting. Everyone did something wrong, everyone suffered, everyone couldn't have their happy ending. In the end, when the suffering of two had ended at least a bit, I couldn't be happy knowing one was in agony...
It was twisting, the way Cathy's mind worked. But it was real. This book just not makes the readers feel real, it IS REAL.
I didn't like this book. Because of the theme(cheating), because of Cathy's inability to stop making everyone around her suffer and her unwillingness to start talking to Ben, get it all out so she could deal with life, because of the way neither Ben nor Arsen deserved THIS MUCH PAIN... [I also didn't like all the gory details of the sexual activities, maybe because it felt like she was cheating them both? But it's a personal observation.]
But this book is a 5-star because of the writing. The writing made the characters alive, and I commend the author for such beautiful writing. It's every reader's dream, to be made vulnerable to the same mess of emotions the characters in a book went through; and Mia Asher turned the dream into reality.
This author has raised the bar. TRULY. I'd expect a sophistication or beauty of this scale in every other book from now on, I think.
Overall, "Arsen" was an experience I'll have a hard time forgetting.