Escorted - Claire Kent

This novel beats all the other romance plots I've known and beats all the ways I know how a romance can develop between the main characters. I have seen Pretty Woman, and The Wedding Date, but THIS(this heart-wrenchingly beautiful love story) was what I've been missing.Lori is a woman who can change a person for the best, so that he can find his inner self and triumph over the hardships he faced. I respect and admire her for that.


SPOILER(Read at your own risk)

And Ander..."the envelopes" moment at the very end was what did it for me.I loved him for it. Without that revelation, the story would've felt incomplete.



But I loved Lori more, for her patience, for her goodness, for her sense of value of people, for her...being her. This may be the very first romance novel where I liked the girl more than the guy. And that's something.

I liked the physical intimacy scenes, don't get me wrong, but I craved the emotional intimacies so much more and felt breathless when I was given them! They took the relationship slow,(once they started realizing their importance to each other) step by step, like real people do, and I admire the author Claire Kent(or, should I say, Noelle Adams?) for breathing life into her characters. I really,really wanna meet the author someday and hold her hand with my both hands tightly, just once, to show her what her novels make me feel, how her writing makes me feel. She is a...talented writer, who knows how to make the reading experience special.


Oh, I can't go on any more or I'll spoil all the fun for you, the other readers! Enjoy Claire Kent's novels, readers, however short they may be!:D