Hearts for Rent

Hearts for Rent - Crystal James The idea was promising...but the author obviously hasn't heard about the "show, don't tell rule"; because I found words were being repeated by the characters from time to time, which was annoying. Did they have to describe the same thing to everyone the same way? And I liked the story at first, then too much melodrama(which seemed hurried off one after another) ruined it. I never once felt Ashleigh's pain, coz their(her and Kelso's) relationship had little ground and it felt too rushed. An author should have the writing skill to make the unbelievable "naturally believable" to the reader; this author failed to do that. The grammatical errors here and there didn't escape my eyes either.The story had some good points though. New events were started off in an attractive way, the character J.T.(though his action of admitting Heidi into the hospital and then getting her out seemed bizarre.), Heidi's helplessness,the last scene(Court making a heart-felt oath to Ashleigh).However, the bad points are too many to ignore. Word-choice, the jokes had nothing new about them. All the adults(Julliard's dean, people at the hospital, Ashleigh's dad,etc) were all fools,ignorable and would have better served if left out of the story altogether.This story could have been made better if the author took the time to reread and figure out the parts to take out or rewrite.(like they virtually had no connection with the school except filing petitions and meeting the dean, so why put them there?) In the end, everything just fell apart. Corps of a story. I learnt nothing from it that I already didn't know. A time waste. There are better soul-searching stories out there,people, like "Memoirs of a teenage amnesiac". Read those; or you can read this story, Heart-for-rent, and decide for yourself.